Mobile DDA App

Metron App enables JDA/ RedPrairie users to interact with their DDAs (Data Driven Applications) on their Mobile and Handheld devices. This allows users of JDA/ RedPrairie applications to truly be able to access the application from anywhere, bringing them much closer to the needed KPIs or other utilities enabled through the respective DDAs. Utilizing the same application security layer as the JDA application, the users have the ability to access multiple WMS connections if needed, further enabling a supervisor to keep tabs on multiple instances remotely. With mobile features like fingerprint (and facial) authentication for a quick login to local caching for speedier access to the ability to chart data locally, provides for a robust and feature rich application right in your hands with no added development on the server side.

Metron supports JDA/ RedPrairie versions from version 2009 to the latest

Metron Digital Brochure